my children

Abused children are supposed to abuse their own children, right?  Recently three children were left home alone for a few hours while their mother went to work and they all died in a house fire.  The mom had been from an abused home, in which leaving kids alone at a young age was normal and in which social services calls were frequent.  These pattern repeat themselves, right?

My children tell me I am a good mom.  They tell me (and I believe them) that I always put their interest first, that I never frightened them, nor did I allow anyone to hurt them.  How can this be?

Old Scots burial traditions refer to a “Death Eater”.  This was someone who came to voluntarily eat the sins of the dead, who most often died without Last Rites, because so few priests were available.  The Death Eater ate their sins so they could go to heaven.  Did I have a Death Eater in life?  Did someone take those sins from me before I visited them on my children?  I do not know.