Badge of Honor, Badge of Pride Part II

Badge of Honor, Badge of Pride Part II

Here is the amazing KillboX made for me by Leonard Ikeda & Derrick Obatake at Steel Flame, imprinted with the letters P for pain, F for fear, S for shame and A for anger. These are the four stages I went through as a victim of abuse. The letters are imprinted on sterling silver and then the square was shot through with a .45, symbolically killing the abuse; a badge reflecting my growth from victim to survivor.

Thank you, Leonard and Derrick and everyone at Steel Flame for this amazing reminder of my strength and courage.

Stop the Silence!

Stop the Silence!

Abused children rarely tell others of their abuse because their abuser frightens them into silence. Abuse brings pain, fear, shame and anger. And almost all of the time, the child is afraid to let these feelings out. I found this photo on the internet somewhere and it looks eerily like I did when my abuse began.